Tongue in Cheek East Side

Remember what I said about Nesbitt's Oasis Cafe? Same idea applies at the Tongue in Cheek restaurant in Saint Paul. I could eat here every day if I could!  Their mission is to serve humanely treated and sustainably raised meat products with a side of local vegetables. The menu is short and sweet and reasonably priced.

 I had a burger and split the pork bun appetizer. Amazing! The pork buns consisted of steamed pancake shaped buns filled with deep fried pork belly that had an amazing crisp glaze, then topped with thinly sliced radish and house pickled cucumber. I could have stopped there, put my gold star on the place and walked away, but I continued with a cheeseburger.

Usually I don't eat meat but I felt that the commitment to quality and sustainability deserved a try. The burger was a delight, cooked to perfection and damn are those pickles good! Take your friends and family to the half deserted Payne Avenue in Saint Paul and try this amazing restaurant - Tongue in Cheek.

Tongue in Cheek Saint Paul

The Best Part: Amazing food and beautiful interior design
The Worst Part: um...


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