Throw It Back - Uptown Tavern and Rooftop

It is my own fault for imagining that a tavern that specializes in charging me $8.50 for a single Surly Furious would ever have good food. That being said, it was the worst fish 'n chips I have ever eaten. The entire experience made me worry for other customers.  I will not order food from The Uptown Tavern and Rooftop ever again.

Had it been a one time incident, I may have excused it, but everyone in my party experienced the same issues with their fried fish. The Uptown Tavern, located next to the Lagoon Theater, has a Friday night all you can eat Fish and Chips special. The fish pieces were barely 2 inches long, not even a fish stick, and every tiny piece is covered in mushy undercooked batter with very little flavor. The only thing special about their Friday night fish 'n chips is that in every 2 or 3 pieces you get one piece that is solid fat and hard as a rock. I'm not saying that it is unappetizing, I am saying it is completely inedible.
The worst part: The worst fried fish I have ever eaten.
The best part: Nice service and decent drink specials.


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