Muffin Top Cafe

Go ahead and laugh, Muffin Top Cafe isn't just a great name for a hole in the wall, they also make muffin tops from scratch! I picked up two tops, a blueberry and a strawberry rhubarb. Both delightful bake goods were fresh and tasted obviously home made. They weren't perfect, in fact the blueberry one had a large burn on one side but tasted good anyway. I was glad to know I was eating something that didn't have preservatives or come packed frozen in a box the size of my apartment.

I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode, you know the one, where they fight over the top of the muffins. Well, you don't have to fight! You can get a delicious local muffin top right in the Loring Park Neighborhood on Nicollect Ave. While you're there, enjoy seating for up to 40 people and plenty of electronic hook ups for the laptop lingering crowd. The owners also own The Nicollect Diner which is to open sometime this summer (2014) which I am super excited about. I found out that the owner's wife makes those cute little gardens in the vases (terrariums?), featuring tiny owls and fairies, check them out at The Muffin Top Cafe.
The best part: Home made muffin tops and tasty coffee.
The worst part: I missed the door three times. It's tough to spot!


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