Farewell Tracy's Breakfast

Dear Tracy's Saloon & Eatery,

  After your remodel, your breakfast menu has us staying home for brunch. While the restaurant looks and feels new and beautiful with certain rustic red wood small town feel, you absolutely murdered a perfectly good breakfast menu. We were optimistic. First off, no hash browns? Our waitress informed us that a few items were removed because they took too long. This sounds like the answer to a lazy chef's complaint. Second, why would you ruin a good thing? Eggs are great as any of the many forms they can be prepared. Overwhelmed is the first word that comes to mind when a mouthful of your rosemary and feta eggs are consumed. Is this another lazy answer? Our guess is that someone did not want to make eggs to order and decided a big pan of 'house eggs' was the solution. The fresh herbs and feta saturate the eggs over time and had we come any later the flavor would have been nauseating. While we do like the idea of renewing the menu to match your fabulous decor but breakfast is a big miss. If you're trying to make breakfast faster, sure, go ahead and prep items early. But please do not ruin simple breakfast. Never again will you see the DinerDykes at Tracy's Saloon for breakfast.... unless you bring back cajun hashbrowns.


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