Fish 'n Chips

In an attempt to find the best fish 'n chips in the cities our journey has been a long one. To sum up the dykes top picks for fried fish in the Twin Cities here is our top 4. Why only four? Because we don't like middle men. You're either above or below average. So start trying harder!

4. The Anchor Fish & Chips (Truck) - Food is best on wheels.
3. Baja Sol - Excellent fish tacos and free chips!
2. Merlin's Rest - British Style, Wot Wot.
1. Tracy's Saloon & Eatery - Two words, tater tots.

The Oceanaire is not listed because it wouldn't be fair to pair the average greasy fried carnival food with the elegant offshore fine dining seafood found in the Oceanaire. Tracy's offers a wide variety of beers, specials, and cheesy Minnesota hipster decor. If I had to choose a place to get smashed and then go back to for hangover brunch the next morning it would be Tracy's Saloon.

The Best Part: Awesome food, lots of beer, and cheap!
The Worst Part: um...


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