G's An Irish Cafe

In case I forgot that it is October, a trip to G's Irish Cafe made me well aware. The town of Anoka is the Halloween Capital of the world, as announced by Washington in 1937. Now, the town has parades, pumpkin carving contest, and tacky Irish cafes covered in orange and black knickknacks. The experience is rustic, but not far from home.

Thick slabs of ham, pepper crusted bacon, and hash browns cooked to perfection are the base of grandma's Irish breakfast. In fact, there is no meal without meat, unless you order a la carte. Updated gourmet coffee accompanies white bread toast and american cheese omelettes. The wait staff was very courteous even though I unknowingly sat down right before closing. And, I still got served a fresh delicious hangover cure.

For purposes of avoiding an 'average' middle rating, we only go up to 4 stars. But, if I could, I would rate G's right in the middle. There were surprises and let downs. I laughed, I cried, good times were had, and in the end I was satisfied.

The Best Part: Home style charm with a thick cut of ham.
The Worst Part: Home style charm with a thick cut of ham.


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