YoYo Donuts, GoodGood Stuff

In the middle of an office garden shaped like the Olympic rings, is a strip mall with the usual vendors like a gym and a hair salon. But, nestled within this mundane strip is a tiny place called YoYo Donuts & Coffee Cafe. You won't be bombarded with log cabin decor or have to corral around 3 kiosks of merchandise. There is no confusing menu with a hundred choices of low fat options. No, YoYo, you do things the right way.

If I am going to eat a doughnut it's going to be fatty and delicious. And if I want a latte I shouldn't have to fill out a questionnaire to get what is good. There is no mocha-frappe-nitelight-doublewhip-cake-in-a-cup. Yoyo keeps it simple and makes it right. The vanilla in your latte is made of pure vanilla paste. You can actually see the tiny flecks in your cup. The coffee is not fair trade, but direct trade, where the buyers actually make a face to face relationship with the growers.

 Maple Bacon Long Johns, need I say more? This place has got doughnuts I have only dreamed of as a child. Fruit loop topped frosting? Yes, please! I have never tasted a cake doughnut so fluffy and light. And even better, all their doughnuts are totally peanut and tree nut free! That's a rarity in the pastry world. And YoYo Donuts is a rare treat for anyone.

Upside: Love & care in what they do.
Downside: There's only one of them!



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