The Boiler Room Coffee

Not too far from the famous Electric Fetus is the tiny garden level cafe called The Boiler Room Coffee. The recent owner, Micheal Graca, has done marvelous work cleaning up the place. It was once a scary hole in the ground and is now a quaint dip in the sidewalk. From the regular crowd that sits outside, I would say that Steven's Park is happy to have a quiet independent business under their apartments.

Coexisting with the community, the cafe is filled with changing art, most likely from local artists apart of the Stevens Square Center For The Arts. New seating has been installed and the old ice cream bar is filled with popular flavors such as the' Nicollet Pot Hole.' Although, sitting at the actual bar is more of a challenge with the lack of overhang and the tight Ikea bar stools.

Some of the food is home-made, like muffins and waffles, while others have been prepackaged or repackaged, like the orange juice. The coffee, tea and lattes are standard, but no sign if they are organic or fair trade. Visit on the weekends where Micheal himself will make your soy mocha with love.
Upside: Quick service, friendly staff & regulars. Checkout the bathroom sink.
Downside: Fair Trade Coffee? Bar is useless.


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