The Bad Waitress, Pretty Tasteless

If you're heading down eat street you're bound to find The Bad Waitress, 2 E 26th St. The gimmick here is that after you are seated no one ever comes to take your order. You are left with a pad to fill out your own order and bring it up to the front where you pay then return to your table where your food is delivered. So, service is not an option to be reviewed here.

Let's review the atmosphere. Retro and shabby chic. The walls are covered in vintage memorabilia including sci-fi posters and movie reels. A beautiful jukebox plays your favorite tunes, and tables are marked by well known super hero cards. The place screams Uptown. With chrome edged tables and checkerboard tiles, you would think you had fallen into a hipster time warp.

Contrasting the retro setting, the menu is up to date with a full menu of organic items as well as old memories. Banana splits, and beer, sounds good, right? When the food came, it looked great! Whole wheat buns and hand made guacamole. Saddly, most of the food was bland as plain mashed potatoes. I guess 'organic' and 'vegetarian' means that you don't like herbs or spices in your food. Even the 'Volcano Burger' had been extinguished. At least the waitress still got a tip.

Upside: Kick-ass atmosphere & guacamole
Downside: Everything else.


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