Chatterbox Pub

If you're addicted to repetitive Nintendo games but have grown up to drink a fine microbrew, then the Chatterbox Pub is your sanctuary. Take a trip into a real retro basement, where vintage hanging lights dimly illuminate faded sofas. Throw in hand crafted sauces like the pesto mayo or the Hellcat Inferno hot sauce on top of your burger and  you might never leave.

While the Chatterbox does not have hard liquor, they make up for it with a combination of sake mixed drinks . Let me mention the fabulously smooth micro-brews one more time before falling off the bar. The wide selection of american pub style food will sure to please anyone. And they make one of the best vegetarian hamburgers in town! While you're waiting, play a retro board game & point out your favorite Don King vynl on the wall. Take a date or the whole family to a Chatterbox Pub near you.

 There are 3 locations around the Twin Ctities to find a Chatterbox:
            800 Cleveland Ave S Highland St. Paul
            4501 France Ave S Linden Hills, Minneapolis
            2229 E 35th Street Midtown, Minneapolis
Upside: Games, Beer, and Greasy Food! Who could ask for more?
Downside: No hard liquor. Can get busy & increase wait times.


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