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Eggy's Loring Park

For weeks did I walk by and see a line out the door of Eggy's Diner in Loring Park. You know it as the back corner of that giant hi-rise that shot out of the ass of the only gas station downtown. Yeah, that place. Finally, I got a chance to eat at Eggy's in Minneapolis.

I thought it would be bigger. The little diner only has around 20 tables and only serves breakfast and lunch. Rustic diner charm of wooden tables and chairs with tile walls and floors. With chalkboard signs and a 1960's vibe, this diner is very similar to it's founding Chicago location.

The food is great. It's exactly what I expect from a place that serves 'urban comfort food.' Forget fries, the potatoes most of the dishes are accompanied by are delightful! They are baked and fried for the perfect combination of firm bite and crisp skin. Eggy's has several flagship items, including the Eggy's Benedict: maple glazed pulled pork on Belgian waffles, topped with poached eggs and holland…

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